Bass driven slabs of politically charged pop.

“LAXMI bounce straight out of the speakers and into your brain: you can’t shake them off, no matter how hard you try.

East End Review

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” If Kate Bush and the XX mated in orgiastic abandon; LAXMI would probably be the result”
Jess – Shambala

“This lurches along like a sweet yet menacing bastard.  It’s messy yet it’s elegant and most significantly of all it’s dripping with ideas. An awesome introduction”
Ian McGinty – Nottingham Live

”This sultry piece of brooding electro-pop climaxes to intense harmonies and sexy soundscape that are quite unlike anything I’ve heard before. It’s the perfect combination of light and dark.Angelic vocals, and twisted, brilliant, beats” Sam Nahirny: Left Lion Magazine

”Absolutely Huge. Dark, sexy, sassy and massive. I’m totally floored-we love it. Can’t wait to dance to this at 3am through some huge speakers”
Mark Del-Nusic Magazine


LAXMI  produce and  successfully self-released new and exciting music (their EP last year) with innovative quality recording and production techniques, and politically charged new content. Their music speaks about women’s experiences and modern struggle. It has an exotic, dark and truly British quality about it – bass driven slabs of political pop. They have developed massively over 2 years.  LAXMI are singer/producer Lou Barnell and producer/performer Stergin.